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Get Your Google Page Rankings Up Today

Google Page Rankings

A lot of people are slowly starting to realise the importance of Google page rankings. Not only does an increase in the search engine results page boost your company’s ability to generate leads and traffic, but it also helps to show new users and clients just how authentic your business is. Often people searching for something won’t go further than the second page of Google’s search.

So what about Task Taste? Here at Task Taste, we are happy to say we are a top SEO company in the UK. By sitting with our clients, we ensure that we know everything there is to know about your company.

SEO Marketing and How That Helps

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and here at Task Taste, we make sure that by knowing your company we are able to include as much information as possible in your website and marketing content. This allows for many more keywords, helping you rank on page one.

When focusing on keywords for your marketing content, we make 100% certain that it covers all social media platforms and not just your website. Any email marketing campaigns will also include keywords to help make certain that clients come to you before your competitors.

Google page rankings

Below we list the importance and benefits of being listed on the top of any Google search page and what it can do for you.

  • Google leads in the search engine market.
  • The higher the ranking, the more exposure you have.
  • Google’s first page improves authenticity.

SEO Winning Formulas

Google page rankings work by counting the quality and number of keyword links to a page – this then determines a rough estimate of how important a website is to the person performing the search. The more keywords, the greater the relevance.

While it might sound like a lot to take in, our team is more than qualified for the job at hand. Building close relationships with our clients mean that the more we know, the more everyone else will know about you too. Let us handle Google for you.

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